Elderly care impacts sandwich parents

Britain’s care crisis is negatively impacting the “sandwich generation” – parents who are raising kids while also caring for elderly parents.

A survey by Audley (the retirement village operator) discovered almost two thirds of sandwich parents (61%) said their elderly parents are increasingly vulnerable and 25% of them administer care to their parents on a daily basis. Around 40% say their parents are not financially stable enough to pay for their own care and 12% admit they are supplementing their parents’ incomes.

More than half of sandwich parents (51%) do shopping and errand running for their parents, while 40% say they routinely do housework – in addition to managing their own households.

This situation impacts family life, with 30% saying their health is being affected, while 29% say caring for elderly parents puts a strain on their relationship with their spouse.

Nick Sanderson, Chief Executive of Audley commented: “Planning for retirement has been the subject of many headlines recently and is an issue that will only continue to escalate unless there is a radical shift in people’s attitudes and approaches to retirement.

“Getting finances in order is of course important, but without preparing for lifestyle and health changes, the elderly will increasingly have decisions made for them, unable to maintain the life they once led. By taking steps earlier in life to downsize and live in a safer, more suitable environment, individuals can lessen the physical and emotional strains they place on family members and maintain their independence and health for longer.”

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