Cosmetic surgeons not going bust

It seems despite the current economic crises, women in the UK are still investing their hard earned cash on boosting their own assets. With financial depression set in all over the country and companies going bust every day, SurgiCare has revealed huge, ahem, uplifts in the number of customers – a chest expanding 135%.

Mark Bury, chief executive at SurgiCare said, “Last months figures have absolutely no reflection on the current financial climate in the UK at the moment. In fact, they are record breaking. Over double the amount of women enquiring about breast enlargement, in comparison to last September’s figures, amounting to a whopping 135% increase. Cosmetic surgery is generally flourishing despite the credit crunch, with most procedures on the up, but breast augmentation is especially booming this year.

“Perhaps women are having breast enhancements to cheer themselves up as a result of the general depression gripping the UK at the moment, or maybe their appearance and self confidence takes precedence over their annual holiday or new car. Looking good is a physical defence in hard times.”

SurgiCare is a specialist in breast augmentation, offering everything from, breast enlargement, reduction, breast uplift to the new Macrolane treatment for women who want the perfect breast shape with no surgery or recovery time.

Jonquille Chantrey, SurgiCare’s non-surgical director said; “We have just introduced Macrolane, the non-surgical breast augmentation. It’s designed to enhance and improve the shape of the breasts. It’s a very effective and safe treatment which costs around £3,000, with a top up usually required every 12 months.

“Most of the women I have treated have saved for a while or opted for SurgiCare’s finance package. They are not necessarily being frivolous, just sacrificing other things to look their best.”

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