Cash-strapped Brits put pet health first

New research commissioned by dental payment plan provider Denplan has revealed that we prioritise the health of our pets above our own healthcare.

The survey shows that while only 11 per cent of UK pet owners would stop paying for their pet insurance if the credit crunch affected their wallet, more than double that number (23 per cent) would stop paying for their own private healthcare.

The survey also revealed that 19 per cent of people would stop their private dental plan payments, should they start to feel the pinch. And 58 per cent would cancel their gym membership.

“Not good news,” says Roger Matthews, Denplan’s Chief Dental Officer. “Early indicators of many systemic diseases including diabetes, strokes and heart conditions are obvious in the mouth at an early stage and can be detected by your dentist. The earlier the signs can be detected the greater the chance of successfully treating the problem. Unfortunately, it appears that we take our health for granted.”

Top of the list of belt-tightening cutbacks for consumers were subscriptions to DVD rental websites and magazines (73 per cent), charitable donations (46 per cent), football season tickets (36 per cent) and cable TV subscription (34 per cent).

However, it appears that some of our priorities are intact; ensuring comfort in old age remains front of mind during these tough times with only seven per cent of people saying they would stop their pension payments.

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