Brits can’t cook, won’t cook

Most Brits (84%) are unhappy with their bodies, yet a shocking 6% of British adults claim to have never so much as peeled a potato and 28% survive on a ready-made meal and junk food diet.

A study of 1,647 British adults by the UK’s leading online hospitality recruitment site, found that 84% of Brits are unhappy with their bodies, yet more than 1 in 4 Brits survive mainly* on a ready-made meal and junk food diet and 6% claim they have never even peeled a potato.

The study commissioned by reveals that a shocking 84% of Brits have something they would like to change about their bodies and 72% admit to being unhappy with their weight. Despite this, only 21% of Brits feel they have a healthy and nutritious diet.

Research also found that 98% of British adults believe that cooking is a beneficial skill to have but 11% of Brits claim they have never been shown the ropes in the kitchen, 12% feel stressed and anxious at the thought of preparing a meal and 1 in 4 Brits claim they are too busy to cook.

Worryingly, 17% of British adults admit to preferring the taste and hassle-free option of microwave meals and junk food over cooking and admit to never cooking healthy or nutritious meals for themselves or their families.

Despite the increase in obesity, 1 in 5 British adults admit to rarely setting foot in their kitchen and 41% of Brits admit to never or very rarely eating their recommended 5-a-day.

Ian Burke, from comments on the findings, “I am utterly shocked that so many people have very little idea of how to cook or how to be healthy. We see cooking as an art – something you can take pride in and fully enjoy when it’s finished. It’s sad to discover that so many people would rather eat crisps at dinner time than a healthy, nutritious and warm meal.”

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