Britain is a nation of active babies

The average mum spends around five hours a week doing planned activities with her child, the nationwide poll of 2000 mums with children under the age of three found.

And a dedicated 12 per cent of mums spend an impressive 10 hours a week engaged in activities with their children.

Swimming was the most popular activity with mums and children, but one in five mums confessed they secretly disliked messy play classes – despite it being the second most popular activity with the children.

And all that activity leads to a healthy appetite, according to the survey, which was carried out by children’s food company Organix.

A whopping 67 per cent of mothers admit to polishing off all their children’s meals as well as eating their own.

And 41 per cent don’t even wait until their little ones have finished their meal, confessing they often pick food from their children’s plates whilst they are still eating.

And 66 per cent say that despite eating with their children they find it hard to resist munching on their little one’s leftovers.

And 29 per cent admit they are too full to eat their own dinner because they have been nibbling at their child’s.

In fact, 65 per cent say the only reason they haven’t gained considerable weight since giving birth is because they are more active since having children.

Meanwhile, 62 per cent of mums say the main reason they take their children to activity classes is because they get to socialise with other parents.

Half of the 2,000 women with children under the age of three questioned also confessed they felt guilty if they thought other mums were more active with their children than they were.

And 57 per cent said they felt under pressure to be active with their children.

The survey found that the nation’s toddlers were most likely to be signed up to swimming (51 per cent), singing (45 per cent), messy play classes (38 per cent), musical activities (27 cent ), arts and crafts (26 per cent), dance or movement classes (21 per cent), cookery (20 per cent), baby massage (13 per cent) and football (12 per cent).

One in ten tots were studying at academic classes, while a sporty three per cent were already being coached in tennis.

Anna Makarova, from Organix, said: “This survey shows that British babies are really on the move!

“We know from talking to mums that they want to have happy, healthy children and doing activities like swimming and cookery with their little ones is an ideal way to do that.”

Top twenty tots’ activities

  1. Swimming
  2. Singing
  3. Messy play
  4. Music
  5. Arts and crafts
  6. Dance or movement
  7. Cookery
  8. Baby massage
  9. Football
  10. Running with baby in a buggy
  11. Sing and sign
  12. Academic classes
  13. Sensory activities
  14. Baby yoga
  15. Fitness classes for mums with babies
  16. Baby disco
  17. Gymnastics
  18. Language classes
  19. Tennis
  20. Martial arts

Key Regional Stats

  • Mums in London are the least likely to eat with their children (59 per cent) compared to 73 per cent of mums in East Anglia.
  • Mums in the West Midlands enjoy eating baby food the most (36 per cent) while mums in the North West enjoy it the least (24 per cent).
  • 50 per cent of mums in East Anglia say rusks are their favourite baby foods, while 43 per cent of mums in the East Midlands say they prefer rice cakes.
  • Women in Wales are the most likely to feel guilty if they think other mums are more active than them (64 per cent).
  • Mums in Northern Ireland are the most likely to say they are more active after having children (85 per cent).
  • Women in the South West are the most likely to enjoy activity classes as ways of socialising with other parents (68 per cent)

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