Bosses make the worst Facebook friends

British bosses and parents have not fooled social networking users with their ‘friend requests’, with 73% knowing they have only added them to keep track on their behaviour. Bosses have been officially named the worst Facebook friend ever, beating parents, grandparents and ex-lovers.

Most Brits (78%) confess that their social networking pages have something potentially embarrassing on them but almost all (94%) admit that if their parents, grandparents and bosses did not insist on adding them as ‘friends’, this would not be a problem.

According to research commissioned by people search engine,, 86% of Brits do not want to be “friends” with their boss and 74% don’t want their parents to know what they got up to last Saturday night.

In a study of 1,203 social networking users, almost 80% said that someone has sent them a friend request that they did not want to accept but had no other choice.

The people Brits don’t want to be friends with online, starting with the worst, are as follows;

  1. Boss – 86% of Brits do not want to be friends with their boss
  2. Parents – 74%
  3. Other colleagues – 69%
  4. Other relatives – 61%
  5. Ex boyfriends/girlfriends – 52%

The research found that 73% of respondents who had received a friend request from their boss or parents knew they just wanted to keep track on their behaviour.

Steffen Ruehl CEO of Yasni, said, “With social networking sites quickly becoming the way for people to stay in touch, it was only a matter of time before our parents and even grandparents signed up, but when our miserable boss who rarely even talks to us in the office adds us as a ‘friend’, it’s no wonder people assume they just want to keep tabs on them.”

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