Angelina’s looks put mums under pressure

British women are feeling pressured into looking good by the sight of A-listers like Angeline Jolie and Beyonce but have little time to do anything about it, according to a survey.

Brit mums feel extra stressed at how gorgeous mums like Angelina manage to look so good while juggling family responsibilities.

When asked which celebrity is the best multi-tasker, Angelina Jolie came out as a clear winner with busy women of today as 49% voted for her. Others included: Madonna (20%), Anthea Turner (13%), Charlotte Church (12%), and Jonathan Ross (2%).

As well a Angelina’s ability to multi-task British women want a curvy figure, with 30% of women stating that the Bootylicious Beyonce has the best legs. The skinny look is out with only 5% going to Jordan and 1% to Victoria Beckham. Other favourites included: Kelly Brook (19%), Nadine Coyle (12%), Eva Mendes and Naomi Campbell (10%) and Mariah Carey (6%).

The credit crunch is clearly having an impact on beauty regimes with 56% of British women spending under £20 per month on beauty products and 69% opting to do more beauty treatments at home. The survey shows women are much more time poor than ever before with 76% saying they waste time doing things they don’t want to be doing like queuing and being stuck in traffic.

It’s not just in the home and at work where women are trying to save time; they’ve also got a few tricks when it comes to beauty. The most popular beauty multi-tasking activity was using hair removal products whilst eyebrow plucking with 30% stating this as their favourite beauty time saver. Other popular options included brushing teeth while showering (25%).

When asked about the survey results Kate Reardon, of Top Tips for Girls, said:

“The Nair survey results are simply positive proof of what all women know in their hearts to be true; we’re fabulous multi-taskers who will do virtually anything to save time and when money is short we don’t hesitate to indulge ourselves at home. We have entered a new beauty era where we are looking for hardworking products that don’t cost the earth, do the job and make you feel great knowing you have saved both time and money.”

Body hair is a big issue for women. For 54% of women, the quest for a hair free life was more important than speaking another language or learning to park. While it’s not that surprising that 58% of those surveyed said they wouldn’t wear revealing clothes if they were hairy, an unexpected 21% said it would stop them having sex.

Regrets, [it would seem] we’ve had a few in terms of beauty “no no’s”. Everyone surveyed listed a regret and, positively, the biggest for British women was sunbeds with over 22% wishing they had never used one. Other top regrets were having: shaved (16%), a tattoo (10%), dyed hair (16%) and piercings (7%).

The survey was conducted by hair removal brand Nair and iVillage.

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