A look in the mirror is more popular than the doctor

When it comes to health people are more likely to be influenced by what they see in the mirror than by health messages from other sources, according to new research from Standard Life Healthcare.

One in three act on the advice of medical professionals and one in ten attribute lifestyle changes to health clubs – but for more than half of those surveyed it is a glance in the mirror that is the most likely to influence a change to their lifestyle or diet in an effort to improve their health.

The 8th Standard Life Attitudes to Healthcare survey also shows that three quarters of people are more aware of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle now than they were five years ago, with those aged between 25-44 and 55-64 being much more aware.

So is this increase in awareness down to physical appearance or a better understanding of what ‘a healthy lifestyle’ looks like?
90% of people are making changes to their lifestyle and/or diet as a result of the lifestyle and diet messages they are getting.
Three in ten people are making significant changes with those in the 25-34 age band making the most significant changes.
Those aged 55-64 are, more than any other age group, influenced by their doctors.
In comparison, the 16-24 age group is more likely to be influenced by media such as TV programmes about weight loss.

Sarah Pearce, Health & Wellbeing spokesperson, for Standard Life Healthcare said, “People are clearly getting the messages about the benefits of healthier lifestyles and diets and are looking to see the results of the changes they have committed to. As many people are becoming increasingly image conscious they are more likely to notice physical changes too, which may help motivate them further.”

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