A fifth of 25-year-olds live with parents

More than a fifth of 25-year-olds (22%) live with their parents, with a third of them blaming financial difficulties, according to a survey.

Twenty eight per cent said they had it too easy at home so there was no incentive to move out, another 24% said they had moved out previously but had to move back in for some reason.

The survey of 1,189 25-year-olds was conducted by online discount company My Voucher Codes.

The research shows that men are more likely to live with their parents over the age of 25, with 31% of those that live at home being men.

Of the women that live with their parents, 78% help with chores around the house, compared to just 52% of men that admitted to helping on household tasks.

Four fifths, 81%, of those that live at home pay their parents rent, according to the study. When asked ‘If you don’t pay rent, what is the main reason?’ three quarters, 74%, claim their parents ‘haven’t asked’ and 11% say they wouldn’t be able to afford it.

17% admitted that they would feel home sick if they lived away from home, while 1 in 3, 34%, wouldn’t know how to use household appliances such as washing machines.

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