40% of people hate their neighbours’ pets

Dogs barking through the night, cats using the lawn as their personal toilet and finding the garden has been dug up are just some of the annoyances caused by rogue pets.

The study of 2,000 homeowners shows a third feel constantly tormented by the animals next door, and regularly have to check their grass, flower beds and garden furniture for damage.

And one in 10 people have had a war of words with their neighbours about their annoying pet.

Other common complaints include footprints left on the car by cats, dogs jumping up and wiping their muddy paws all over clothes and food being stolen from inside the house by four-legged opportunists.

One in 20 people have even been forced to move house because they couldn’t stand living next door to the problem pets any longer.

Phil Paterson-Fox, head of home services for Gocompare.com, who conducted the research, said, “It is hard enough to get on with neighbours as it is, without pets making a nuisance of themselves.

“You almost expect to have a few rucks with the neighbours – about parking issues, leaving the bins out, competitiveness and noise pollution – but you don’t expect to have problems with their pets.

“And there is nothing more annoying that flinging open the doors and windows in the morning to find a cat or dog on the loose has made their way into the garden and pulled up plants, created their own toilet or scratched the garden furniture.”

The poll shows the smell of animals next door can cause upset, as can plants being dug up in the garden and cats wailing.

Forty two per of neighbours are criticised for leaving their pets unattended for hours on end while they go to work.

As a result – more than one in 20 homeowners have reported animal cruelty to the RSPCA because they felt a pet was being neglected by its owner.

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