The Baby Website is a family affair

The Baby WebsiteThe Baby Website was a dream of Kathryn and Nigel Crawford, the site founders. Both professionals in other industries, they began to realise that no matter what they did, the only benefit they were getting was the pay cheque at the end of each month.

They wanted to do something that would make others’ lives better; that could educate and inform as well as entertain and amuse. Being parents of five teenage children, Helena (18), Tom (17), Maddie (17), Megan (15), and Matthew (14), they realised they had one thing that every parent has after the event, but often not before, and that was a wealth of knowledge about parenting and bringing up children. Nigel had always wanted to create a website and Kathryn was particularly interested in the promotion of breast-feeding, so the two fitted together nicely.

The Baby Website project started in early 2006 and was launched during the summer of that year. Working from their office in Cardiff, it involved a great deal of work and commitment.

Having a new baby can be the happiest time of your life, and it is only natural to share that happiness with others. However, members of the team at The Baby Website can also directly identify with the terribly sad issues surrounding the unexpected death of a baby. With this in mind, they chose to support FSID (Foundation for the Study of Infant Death) and SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) through the site.

Every site needs humour though, and regular columnist Dave Fouracre, aka ‘Dave the Dad’, tells it from the male parent’s point of view. There are plenty of jokes and funny stories to keep you smiling when baby is restless in the early hours.

TheBabyWebsite “Baby Blogs” offer parents the chance to keep a diary and to share baby and child photos with family and friends.

Another area that Kathryn and Nigel have focused on is product reviews, giving members the opportunity to share their reviews of products they have bought for their children. As you would expect, competitions are also popular, and this is a key part of the site, offering baby products and other great family prizes.

There is a friendly and lively forum of Mums and Dads with whom parents can share their baby experiences, ask questions, or simply chat with about a wide variety of topics and issues.

While The Baby Website has been embraced by many respected medical and other professionals, as well as some of the biggest brands in the UK, the owners believe it’s important to maintain editorial independence. They feel it is better for parents to make their own minds up based on thorough and unbiased advice and information.

Although based in the UK, they are very much aimed at the international community. Many people try to launch websites, and many don’t really succeed in getting further than the build stage. The Crawfords have shown that dedication and hard work does pay off, as they watch their online community go from strength to strength.

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