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Parenting coach Sue AtkinsThere’s no doubt that everyone likes to think of themselves as the model parent, more than capable of bringing up their children to be happy, confident well-balanced adults. What happens, however, when you’ve tried everything and it just isn’t quite working out the way you’d planned?

Let’s face it, kids are a challenge, so is the job of being a parent, and when the two don’t come with a clear and simple handbook to provide you with all the answers, it’s easy to understand why many parents are seeing the benefit of working with companies like Positive Parents.

Established in 2005, Surrey based Positive Parents – Confident Kids Coaching was founded by parent coach Sue Atkins – author of Raising Happy Children For Dummies. Sue is also a former deputy head teacher.

Sue says, “I am passionate about making life with children easier and more rewarding, and I am extremely enthusiastic about helping parents to bring up happy, confident, well-balanced adults; today’s children – tomorrow’s future.

“By introducing parents to new ways of thinking about themselves and their family relationships through one to one coaching, workshops and my books and CDs I help parents and their children to move forward and create positive change.”

Sue knows from experience that the most common difficulties encountered can often be resolved when parents achieve a sense of clarity, direction and confidence in their own ability as a parent.

Positive Parents offers support in raising happy, confident children, helps parents discover their own answers through exploring their feelings about being a parent, by exploring their own resources and skills and creating options that will work within their family.

The company offers a number of alternative means of assisting parents:

  • One to one coaching for parents
  • Telephone coaching sessions
  • NLP seminars and workshops
  • Ongoing email support coaching
  • Monthly newsletters for parents
  • Free parental reports

For further information on Positive Parents – Confident Kids Coaching, have a look at the website, www.positive-parents.com.

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