Monster Parties

Monster Parties for cheeky monkeys

Monster Parties“The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day.”

No matter how busy we get there is never a good reason for not making more time to spend with our children. We want them to have the best and enjoy life.

Parties are a great way to get the children together outside of school to develop their relationship skills. When Laura Fowler’s youngest started school she couldn’t wait to organise the first party. That one simple event spawned a business four years ago which has been growing ever since.

“I started Monster Parties because I struggled to find everything I wanted at a reasonable price in one place. The press report that parents are spending ridiculous sums on parties, with party bags costing £10 or more. They are choosing ever more lavish venues and activities. We all like to spoil our children but it does not have to mean spending a fortune” says Laura.

Monster Parties offers everything from the latest themed tableware such as Ben 10, Dr Who, High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Hello Kitty; pre-filled party bags, fancy dress, helium, life-size cut-outs, and decorations. “We have over 4,000 products on-line available for Next Day delivery,” says Laura.

The party bag range alone includes more than 150 products – and each bag is designed carefully to suit the chosen theme and the age of the partygoers. “Since we began in 2004 we have supplied a budget range which starts at just 85p! So providing that small end of party treat is really affordable,” says Laura.

She adds, “We don’t leave out the adults either with adult party bags, themed tableware such as Hawaiian or Luau, Hollywood, and Western, fancy dress, and a full range catering supplies. For instance if you choose the Western theme, you can cover a wall 50ft long by 8ft high. Add signs, windows, etc and choose some suitable ceiling decorations, a life-size John Wayne and it looks like a scene from the El Dorado!”

“Our new Cake-Making section has everything you need to make great cupcakes and simple birthday cakes. With a few basic ingredients, some butter icing and sprinkles you can create some great-looking cupcakes.”

The company published its first catalogue in 2008 and Laura has been re-vamping the website to ensure it remains fresh, attractive and easy to use.  Laura has her work cut out, but it’s worth making the extra effort to build a business that not only fulfills a need but also offers a lot of choice and experience.

What does the future hold for the party supplies market and Monster Parties? “Well, in the coming year,” says Laura, “we shall add another 1,000 products to the website. We are always looking for new suppliers and ideas. We source products from major distributors in the UK but we also directly import a number of ranges. Even in these more austere times I believe people still want to get together and we supply the small things that can make that gathering just a little bit more fun!”

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