Let us spray – tanning booths

Spray tanning booth for an all over instant tanFor mums looking at a way to make money after having a baby, a franchise idea is often a good solution. You aren’t setting up a business from scratch and you aren’t having to work 9-to-5 for someone else. Sienna X offers one such business franchise idea – the spray tan cubicle you can take anywhere.

Nicola Matthews, Managing Director of Sienna X, says: “Being a self employed spray tan therapist means flexible working hours and being able to spend time with your child when you want and need to. We offer a complete support network for all our spray tanning therapists, which starts at the beginning of training and continues throughout as you build your own Sienna X business.”

The Spray Tan Cubicle Company was formed by Nicola in 2003, when she identified a need for a lightweight, easy to erect tanning booth for mobile therapists. This led to a unique pop-up fabric booth that soon became a must-have for mobile therapists throughout the country.

Continual innovation then led to the development of a range of tanning mists, solutions, and spraying machines along with the provision of quality training for new and experienced therapists, including health and safety, marketing and promotion.

The products and services were then all grouped together under the Sienna X name.

Sienna X offers the training that enables a mother to start her own spray tanning business. The training is accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and covers all areas of spray tanning, including Health and Safety, Spray Tan Practice and Marketing Advice.

The company’s tanning products, cubicles and marketing materials are used across the UK.

The cost to set up your own tanning business can be less than £500, including equipment and accredited training, the training is quick and easy and can be as involved as you’d like, depending on your level of experience. Best of all, you can book clients whenever it suits you, and get them to come to you or you go to them.

You could even have a spray tan party to get lots of clients, or potential clients, in one group session. Each tan costs about £3 and takes 15 minutes, and you can charge between £20 and £30.

For more information on training to become a spray tan therapist, or products from Sienna X, visit www.sienna-x.com.

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