Lait D’Amour – making breastfeeding fashionable

Mandy Lelliott of Lait D'AmourMandy Lelliott has a passion for making breastfeeding easier for mums. The mother of two from Surrey runs Lait d’Amour, with the aim of spreading the message that “breast is best”. She has created some handy products that are attractive and fun, and help mums deal with the practicalities of giving their baby a great start in life. Mandy explains, “Lait d’Amour is making breastfeeding fashionable and promoting breastfeeding awareness with the help of my products including Nursing Necklaces and Booby Reminder® bracelets.”

Mandy created Booby Reminder® bracelets to help mums remember which breast to feed from next. Alternating breasts ensures that baby gets a full feed, with both the thirst quenching fore milk and the creamy hind milk which is packed full of goodness and growth hormones. The attractive bracelets carry the text, ‘This Boob Next’, and can be personalised with your baby’s name. Simply swap the bracelet to the other side after you’ve fed, and you’ll know where to start for the next feed. Mandy says, “I created the Booby Reminder® bracelet and founded Lait d’Amour in 2005, to provide mums with great information about breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding mums don’t get enough support and encouragement, and so I became an advocate.”

Lait d’Amour is run from Mandy’s home. She sells through her own online store and via eBay. Mandy comments, “It started as a hobby. Now my team and I spend many hours a week making up the products. I aim to send products out the next day, even if it means I’m up until 1am some nights.” As well as the Booby Reminder® bracelets, Mandy has created another best seller. She says, “Jingle Boobs necklaces are the most popular item on my site. Choose from a range of colours to match your outfits or appeal to a little one. Wear the necklace when you feed and the brightly coloured beads can entertain your little one. Choose black, white and red beads to stimulate their visual development, or chunky animals and jingly bells for fun. The hemp strung nursing necklaces have passed safety testing to BSEN 71-1:2OO5 clause 5.1 (toy standards) and reached 185N tension without breaking.”

Mandy has selected some excellent products like the Lilypadz breast pads to complement her own creations, making Lait d’Amour the place to shop for every mum who wants to breastfeed. Mandy says, “Breastfeeding has brought so much to my life and to my children’s lives and future health. I was never very confident but watching my children grow on my milk has brought out the best in me. As a result I want to share my ‘breast is best’ campaign with the world.” Visit Mandy’s eBay store, simply called Lait d’Amour, or check out her own website.

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