Labour of Love - Marie Sheehan

Labour of Love gets midwife into business

Labour of Love - Marie SheehanMarie Sheehan is a former London midwife who knows all to well how frightening pregnancy can be for some expectant ladies – as well as fathers. Now she is receiving critical acclaim for her Partners Labour Of Love app, which is designed to help parents-to-be through pregnancy.

The core app is free with animations being downloadable for £2.99 each, and Mary is up for potential awards for her invention, which she hopes to take worldwide.

The Partners Labour Of Love (PLOL) app is a feature packed app useful throughout the nine months and beyond. You can get prepared for the big event with the help of Mary the Midwife.

Marie launched the app with six animations but she plans to offer around 50, which will touch on everything from the various forms of pain relief to breast-feeding.

The app took 12 months to devise and Marie says the Mary character is a larger-than-life character who educates in a witty, lovable way and is “only a fingertip away from your computer, phone or tablet”.

One customer, 28-year-old Georgina Brooker, expecting her first babies, said of the app, “It’s really easy to navigate and the animations featuring Mary make it much more fun. I like the fact you set up your own profile and put in your due date and can check what is happening to your baby or babies.

“I also like the fact there is a quiz to test your knowledge and a glossary of terms that health professionals use. Another big plus for me is that it’s aimed not just at women but at their partners too so they can understand what is happening and don’t feel left out.”

Student midwife Leah Wilson of Halifax is also a fan of the app. “As a student midwife I am aware of how important it is to let women know what is happening to their baby and their bodies during pregnancy. Books and leaflets aren’t always easy to understand, which is where this app scores highly. It’s a fantastic idea because it’s accessible and enhances pregnancy for women and their partners.”

Marie, who qualified as a midwife in 1989 and worked in both the NHS and private hospitals, says she is very proud of it. “It represents a massive step forward in mobile technology for pregnancy, and is already being praised for its functionality, simplicity, interactivity and about all – its user-friendliness. I hope it will be a great source of inspiration.”

You can access the free app at

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