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Jam ProductsJam Products was started by two mums in 2008. They wanted to create a product that was not only highly practical to use and jam packed with invaluable information for day to day family life, but also one that offered a wealth of inexpensive and inventive ideas that would enable families to easily engage their children in traditional making, baking and doing activities throughout the year. The result was ‘Mother’s Manager 2009’, featured by Prima Baby and Pregnancy magazine in its November 2008 issue as one of the four best gift books for parents.

Julia March and Sam Jeffery were sitting on the beach in Lyme Regis in 2007, watching their children play, when their discussion turned to their own childhoods and how easy it was to find things to do. Non-commercial and free activities like playing Jacks, finding frogspawn and camping in the garden were the order of the day. They thought it would be a great idea to put together a guide for mums that included many of these old, simple ideas.

The feedback they received inspired them to not only go on to produce ‘Mother’s Manager 2010’ but also to continue to expand their range.

Jam Products now offer the Grandmother’s Handbook, My Baby, Birthday Book and a lot more.

“We are committed to producing products that are as beautiful as they are useful and wondered if you would be interested in featuring any of our products or alternatively reviewing them,” say the pair.

The company is based in Somerset, although it isn’t where the ladies are from. Sam says, “It is a county we and our families have come to love and Jam Products was most certainly conceived and born here, with every part of the process from concept to production being based in Somerset.”


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