Impala Impressions: Creating a cast of thousands in Kent

Impala Impressions - cast of baby footA new service for parents and their family and friends has launched in Kent. Impala Impressions creates lifecasts of baby hands and feet and delivers a beautiful framed work of art that hangs on the wall just like a painting.

Justine Holcombe established Impala Impressions after doing a cast of her own baby some months ago. Fully trained, equipped and a member of the Association of Lifecasters International, Justine now provides a home visit service in West and Central Kent to take impressions of baby’s hands and feet and mount them in a beautiful pine frame. The casts and frames come in a range of colours to suit individual tastes.

Justine said: “Like many parents, I have hundreds of photos and video clips of my son that just sit on the camera or computer but these lifecasts are a real and lasting way of capturing the actual size of those dinky little hands and feet. I was just bowled over by the detail when I made my first cast; every little wrinkle, finger and nail is clear to see.”

The two stage process involves taking a mould of the hand or foot with dental impression powder which has long been proven 100 per cent safe. Moulds can even be taken in the very early hours of a baby’s life. A solid plaster cast is then taken from the mould, painted and mounted.

As a parent herself, Justine is aware of all the paraphernalia needed when travelling with a baby, so she decided she would provide a moulding service in the comfort her customers’ own homes.

Impala also has kits for parents wishing to take the plunge and create their own lifecasts. Smartly packed in a presentation box, the Impala Kits contain a natural pine box frame, impression and casting powder, paints, glue and mixers – everything needed to create your own work of art.

The Impala Impressions website – – has a full list of products and prices, plus further details of the service and how the process works. Impala kits can be bought online via Paypal.

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