Giraffe personalised school products

Hoodies for people who want to be recognised

Giraffe personalised school productsPersonalising her own kids’ bags and gifts for their friends showed Lyndsey Uglow just how popular that type of present was and what a demand there could be. Her ideas evolved into what is now Giraffe Embroidery and Print, where individual personalisation can now be applied to many products including personalised hoodies, bags, teddies, aprons, umbrellas, wine boxes and lots more…

“I wanted to create a business where people could really have what they wanted on a product. Not everyone wants their personalisation just to be a name, some will want a greeting or sentiment, which in fact it is what makes the orders interesting!  Some people still use just a name or number whereas some will use our personaliser software to add real sentiment to a piece that they order.  ‘Naughty Little Brother Jack’ on a hoody is far more humorous than just ‘Little Brother’ which is what is normally all that is available in the high street. Using the website software, clients can even choose where they put the personalisation on some of the garments.

I find that once people really get thinking about it they can put real enjoyment into creating gifts for both kids and adults.  Aprons are consistently popular for people to poke fun or even praise at their partner’s cooking skills. Our strength is that we do all of the personalising in house which is why we are able to promise deliveries within a maximum 14 days.”

Over the past few years the business has expanded and now offers services to individuals as well as schools, clubs and companies. In fact, Giraffe Embroidery and Print is the hidden talent behind some of the personalised products you see available from other companies. A member of the Federation of Small Businesses, the company now employs staff with a combined experience of 35 years in the embroidery and garment printing industry.

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