First Way Forward self hypnosis CDs

Firstwayforward self help hypnotherapy CDs

First Way Forward self hypnosis CDsLynda Hudson has been treating children in her private practice for about 15 years. She uses a light form of hypnosis to treat children with problems as varied as bedwetting, thumb sucking, self-esteem, anxiety, confidence, dental phobias, dyslexia, vocal and bodily tics and insomnia.

Since many children live too far to come to see her in person, Lynda has published an innovative series of CD titles offering her therapy on a disc. They are now sold to parents all over the world. Using her now formidable knowledge and experience, her aim is to focus on a solution to the problem rather than dig up the past. Children of all ages respond brilliantly to Lynda’s special kind of treatment, since using their imagination is something that comes naturally to young people. Hypnosis as a solution to bedwetting has been remarkably successful; many children have stopped within a matter of days. In some cases where helping a problem to disappear completely (such as Tourette syndrome or dyslexia) is not an option, Lynda helps children manage the problem with more calm and confidence .

The stream of mails and calls from delighted parents bear testimony to her success.

Lynda’s range of titles, developed over the past few years, sell through her website, Amazon, the websites of most good bookshops and as downloads through You can now find them available in selected local public libraries and on preloaded MP3 players.

Lynda’s position as one of the UK’s foremost specialists in the use of hypnosis with children has been picked up by the media. Her bedwetting CDs have been featured in articles in The Times and the Sunday Mail’s YOU magazine which can be read in the Media section of her website. Lynda and her work with children and teenagers have featured on TV on the Discovery channel, and Channels 4 and 5.

Some people have a fixed and unfortunate notion that clinical hypnosis is like stage hypnosis. This is far from the truth. This form of treatment often holds a serious answer to a serious problem and is increasingly acknowledged by the mainstream medical profession. You may have seen recent TV programmes demonstrating its use in hospital settings as ‘stand alone’ hypnotic anaesthesia in dental and hernia surgery

Lynda also runs master classes for therapists in the use of hypnosis with children, and has taught general clinical hypnosis to medical students at a London teaching hospital. Her book for therapists entitled Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children will be published in January 2009 by Crown House.

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