Fingerprint Jewellery

FingerPrint Jewellery rolls out franchises

Fingerprint JewelleryFingerPrint Jewellery is an established, thriving and innovative business which produces quality handmade, personalised jewellery. Each item is unique, whether a baby footprint, handprint, fingerprint, doodle, scribble or special message – each can be captured in pure solid silver, ensuring that the recipient will have a keepsake to treasure.

Started by Lisa Pugh, FingerPrint Jewellery has grown in such a way that it lends itself to expansion through franchise, appealing especially to those with a creative flair wishing to run their own business from home. It is a home business that is suited to part-time mums or full-timers.

Franchisee support not only includes comprehensive training and back up but also the many benefits of an ongoing national advertising and a recently launched PR campaign. A unique feature of the FingerPrint Jewellery business model is the excellent integration between its website and its franchisees. All orders received via the website will automatically be assigned to the franchisee covering the customer’s area. In addition, any enquiries for hosting parties or further information are also forwarded to the individual franchisee upon receipt.

Training takes place at the FingerPrint studio, where franchisees learn all of the skills and techniques necessary to create beautiful and individual pieces of jewellery from their own work area at home. A dedicated online shop allows for the easy purchase of supplies and stationery, everything is delivered to the door, so no having to shop around.

Apart from the obvious baby and child imprints there are many other exciting markets that the company is currently breaking into, offering new and profitable avenues for franchisees to follow and develop within their region.

The initial outlay for the franchise covers all training and includes a comprehensive set of tools and equipment, advertising and promotional materials as well as everything else needed to establish a business from day one.

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