When I appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

SpongeyUKPL member Spongey recounts her experience as a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

“In 2002 my hubby and I had just gotten married and I was expecting our first child. Life was going pretty well. And it got even better when DH was selected to join the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire gameshow on ITV1. It was the newlywed special which meant that I’d be joining him! We were both extremely excited. But it wasn’t that easy to get onto the show. After the initial phone call back, people then get a random question thrown at them in which they have only a few seconds to answer. Whoever is closest to the right answer is then selected to go onto the show. DH got a question about John Wayne and had a really lucky guess!

“We drove to the studios in Hertfordshire at the end of May. I was around 8 months pregnant so I had all the crew fussing over me, begging me not to go into labour! lol It was nice at first, but it did get too much in the end. Entering the studio for the first time was surreal. I didn’t realise how small it actually was. It looks so big on the telly! The floor looked like it was made out of see-through perspex and was really weird to walk over. We all got a chance to stand in front of the camera to check whether our outfits for the show would be okay. We then went to our dressing rooms, then make-up (even the men!) and then we were searched by security before going for the recording.

“They do two shows in the recording. And inbetween Chris Tarrant jokes about plus there’s a comedian there to lighten the mood. Unfortunately DH didn’t make the first show. But managed to get into the hotseat at the last second on the second show. We managed a few questions before having to return a week later. We managed to get £8000. That meant I’d be able to visit my family in South Africa and we could do whatever else we wanted. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the money right away. Once we’d won the money, the show stopped, we had our photo taken with Chris Tarrant then the cheque was taken away. We found out that we would only get the money once the show was aired (as it’s not live).

“It was a brilliant experience. And just as well I didn’t go into labour. Erin arrived just two weeks later. Phew!”

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