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Vegetable growing tools for small gardens

If spring and its warmer weather makes you think about getting out into the garden, you are probably also thinking about doing some spring cleaning in your flower beds, your hedges, and your rockery, if you have one. Most people don’t own a massive garden. A study by the Resolution Foundation found that the under-45s live in properties with fewer square metres of space than the generation before them.

Robert Dyas has compiled a list of ideas for small gardeners (by which we mean people who operate in a small garden, regardless of how tall they are).

“Growing your own veg can be hugely rewarding, both in regard to the food you put on your plate and the enjoyment that nurturing your crops can bring,” says Robert Dyas Head of Marketing, Rebecca Waters. “Our broad range of planters and equipment helps more people enjoy gardening – even those who only have a little outdoor space.”

Growing your own veg in an apartment allotment

Perfect for balconies, the VegTrug Poppy Raised Planter (£24.99) is lightweight with a foldable design so it can be stored away over winter.

If you want to grow more but are short on floor space, grow double the amount of crops vertically in a VegTrug 2 Tier Poppy Raised Planter (£49.99).

Growing veg in a narrow space

The VegTrug Mini Wall Hugger (£66.49) is ideal for narrow spaces, such as in front of a wall or fence. Complete with a greenhouse frame and cover for bringing on seedlings earlier, it’ll keep your plants safe from slugs, animals and pests.

Mini herb stand - Robert Dyas

With the Zest4Leisure Vertical Herb Stand (£69.99) you can have a whole garden of herbs right on your doorstep – even if you only have a square metre of space. With three tiers and room for plenty of plants, you can enjoy a whole host of fresh aromatic flavours.

Classic, compact and rustic vegetable growing options

If you have a touch more space, the VegTrug Classic Raised Planter (£109.99) is a good choice. Still very compact at only 1m wide, it’s a little bigger than the Poppy and Mini Wall Hugger but has the same unique V-shaped design to allow deep-rooted produce to develop more effectively.

At just 46cm in diameter, the VegTrug Wooden Barrel Planter – Medium (£19.99) can be used in even the tiniest of spaces. Plus, the rustic design makes it a gorgeous feature.

Propagators (£2.89 – £49.99) are great for starting seedlings off indoors. You can also choose an electric propagator (£19.99 – £49.99) to raise the temperature for better growth. Once they’re around 4-5cm tall you can transfer them to the Worth Gardening Professional Seed and Cutting Tray (£4.99) and keep them in your home or Gro Zone (below).

You can grow veg almost anywhere

If you don’t have room for a greenhouse but can spare some space for the super-slim Gro Zone (£33.49), you can grow all sorts of fruit and veg and keep them well protected in the process. The shelves and central poles can be easily removed to allow for a variety of plant heights, while the front zip-up panel opens fully for total access.

Grozone - Robert Dyas

Measuring just 37cm wide and 40cm high, the Zest4Leisure Holywell Planter (£32.99) fits easily in tiny spaces like balconies or by doorways. If you have a little more room you could add the Medium Holywell (£49.99) or even buy the Nest of 3(£139.99) to create a striking set.


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  1. This is one side of what we call in the uk the Hay diet . Meat and veg or carbs and veg . It seems that mixing meat with carbs can cause problems . It is better for your gut , of that there is no doubt . Also st this time of the year, I make nettle soup which purifies the blood

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