Top 10 sleepover tips for parents

It’s a feature of modern parenting that children don’t only sleep in their own beds in their own house. Once upon a time, children would say goodbye to each other at the end of the day and go home to their beds, but nowadays it’s common for them to ask for friends to sleep over or to be invited to friends.

Jo Tubbs, editor of Go Girl, offers these tips for the ideal sleepover.

  1. Always save sleepovers for weekends. Saturday 24 October is the perfect date – you’ll have the whole of half term to recover.
  2. Keep it small. Even four girls can seem like a lot when they’re giggling all night!
  3. Stock up on juice and savoury snacks as well as sweets and pop. You don’t want your guests to be totally fuelled by sugar.
  4. Make or buy cupcakes, then provide icing, sweeties, glacé cherries and sprinkles so the girls can decorate their own midnight feasts.
  5. Let the girls raid your old make up and clothes and put on a fashion show. They’ll love it!
  6. Remember, it doesn’t all have to be organised. Half of the fun of having a sleepover is snuggling up in sleeping bags, reading magazines and having a good old gossip.
  7. Take over the living room for the night. Make a cosy sleepover nest by pushing back the sofa and chairs, piling cushions and duvets on the floor, then lay sleeping bags and pillows on top.
  8. Make sure you have all of the parents’ phone numbers in case homesickness strikes late at night.
  9. Let the girls know where to find you if they need a bit of quiet time or reassurance.
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