Tattoo spelling fail - it's get better

Spelling fails – should we care about spelling?

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that education standards may be slipping. Do we care?

Does it matter that many people use ‘practice’ instead of ‘practise’, or that they say ‘would of’ instead of ‘would have’? If so many people don’t even notice common spelling errors, should we just not worry about it?

One problem with such a lackadaisical approach to falling standards is that we end up with less educated people working as teachers – the people we rely on to ensure our kids are able to read and write.

The National Governors’ Association said in January that schools in England now find it hard to recruit senior staff because of the poor standard of literacy in job applications. The NGA told the BBC, “Applications for head teacher posts are sometimes littered with basic grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, according to the association.”

Embarrassing spelling errors may be caused by literacy failings, but they may also be caused by a lack of attention to detail. Consider these examples – signs whose creators needed to do a little proof reading.


Steve Buckley of Cambridge photographed this worker who had turned up to paint a sign on the road at an NCP car park. Steve thought the worker was there to correct the spelling mistake in the word ‘minuite’ but in fact he just painted it a brighter yellow. The letter I was later painted over in black paint.

20 Minuites Parking - spelling fail at NCP car park in Cambridge

Antiques sign fail.

Antiqes are worthless without U.

Mind the BMUP. I said mind the BMUP… No, the… Oh, too late.Mind the BMUP

It is illegal to not proof read signs.Illegall to spell it this way

Yeah, this guy. Great in a debate. Or not.Get a brain morans. Stupidity fail.

School’s out. Who needs spelling?School sign fail

Lewis County proudly bursts its own bubble.Republican nominee spelling fail

Is this massager distressing? Surely it is designed to be de-stressing.Relaxing and distressing - or de-stressing?

Exclusive disabled toilet for elderly pregnant kids.

Are you a disabled elderly child who is also pregnant?

His bight is worse than his bite.Dog will bight. Sign fail

English, yeah, use it plopery.Sign: English is our language no excetions learn it

Does far wood burn as well as fire wood? What about those fers? Are they cheap?Far wood? Does it burn as well as fire wood?

Careful when hunting pedestrians.Careful while hunting pedestrians

How do you spell Mississippi again?How do you spell Mississippi again?

Geeks clearly didn’t write this sign. If anyone knows how to spell technology…No tecknology - spelling fail

Not only an ironic spelling mistake – but underlined, too.Promoting English. But not knowing how to use it.

Parties. Got that? Parties.Parties. Parties. Got it?

Are English is are biggest asset. Except irony, of course.respectarecountry

Duelling exhausts? Sounds fun.Duelling exhausts. Sounds like fun.

Public schools? Let’s hope they don’t have a lice problem.Pubic schools? Sign fail

Dear tattoo writer – how do you spell comment?Tattoo spelling fail

They’re struggling with their spelling.Their, they're - who cairs?

Cake writer is fails to spot mistake.There's is something wrong with this cake fail

The half’s and the halve nots.Two half's? The halfs and the halve nots

Apostrophe’s are like decoration. You can use them anywhere, right?What's happening - apostrophe fail

And finally, a couple who demonstrate that passion is more important than spelling.Youth In Asia - spelling fail

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