Tom Aikens cooking scallops

How to cook food grown in your garden

Michelin star winning chef Tom Aikens teamed up with Pinterest to help out a selection of avid gardeners who use the image sharing website.  A growing number of Pinterest users talk about using home-grown ingredients in their cooking, so Tom Aiken hosted a cook-along.

The cook-along started with beetroot marinated salmon with beet dressing and pickled baby beets. After a little confusion over pickling juices, the salmon was being seared and before you knew it, out came 20 perfect plates of pinky-red fish.

Next up came in-shell baked scallops with a sauce vierge.

Tom Aikens cooks scallops
The final dish – sea bass with herbs, pea shoots and orange – took every last ounce of multitasking energy from the Pinners, coordinating plating up the veg and fish so that it could all be served piping hot. It really was a seafood adventure.

If you want to find out more about the recipes cooked and the tasty creations make sure you look at Tom’s Pinterest page.

About Tom Aiken

Tom has been cooking since the age of 16. Born in 1970 in Norwich, he was inspired by his father and grandfather who were both wine merchants. He tagged along on their exploratory trips throughout France – sampling the best of the different regions have to offer.

Chef Tom Aikens
After studying at Norwich City College Hotel School with his identical twin brother, Rob, he forged a career in cooking at legendary establishments that included Pierre Koffmann’s Tante Claire as it won its third star, and London hotspot, Pied à Terre, when it gained a second Michelin star, cementing his status as one of Britain’s most exciting chefs.

In April 2003, the Tom Aikens Restaurant opened in Chelsea and has since garnered rave reviews and accolades, including a Michelin star.

A second restaurant, the brasserie-style Tom’s Kitchen, opened in Chelsea in 2006.

Tom has written three books; Cooking (2006), Fish (2008), and Easy (2011).

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