Parents will spend an hour on packaging

Parents will spend an average 68 minutes putting together their children’s presents on Christmas Day according to a survey.

The poll also found the parents will spend just seven minutes assembling their own gifts.

Items such as bikes, dolls’ houses, instruments and racing games were among the most difficult to put together, with many parents blaming excess packaging for increasing the amount of time it took them to get their children’s toys in working order.

More than half of parents (57%) said they started building their offspring’s gifts on Christmas Eve after getting the children to bed, and a massive 68% of those polled said they would be willing to pay more for products which were already put together.

A whopping 94% of the parents surveyed said they felt toys were still packaged excessively and many complained of having to use sharp scissors to free toys from boxes.

The findings, by, also revealed Christmas Day to be one of the longest days of the year for parents, with many up as early as 4am having been awoken by excitable youngsters.

One father said, “Christmas is all about the kids but I wish toy makers would start using less packaging so dads can get a break and enjoy the big day too.

“Toys are practically welded into boxes these days. You need a blow torch to get them out and it takes hours. Then when you finally do free them you realise you don’t have the batteries and the kids have a meltdown when you tell them they can’t play with them.”

A spokesman from said whilst parents were set to spend a significant amount of time putting together presents for their children, it was all part of the Christmas fun.

He said: “When you have children Christmas Day is probably the best of the year and there’s nothing more rewarding that seeing their excited faces as they peel back the wrapping paper.

“However, once the present is revealed it’s time for the parent to step in and help get it ready to be played with, which can take some time, especially when you have several children.

“While extremely rewarding, Christmas day can be a tiring one for parents who are up early and on the go until the kids go to bed in the evening, so it makes sense that some would be keen to purchase toys which were already put together.”

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