Most nannies are part-timers, says survey

A new survey carried out by payroll provider Nannytax has revealed that there is a marked increase in the demand for part-time nannies. Of the 1,244 survey respondents, 57% said they employed their nanny on a part-time basis, enabling them to benefit from flexible childcare in their own home without the expense of a full-time nanny. The survey also indicates that the classic full-time live-in nanny is now very much in the minority, with only 7.8% of households having this arrangement.

Part-time nannies are particularly in demand for school-age children. While there are many other options such as before-and-after-school clubs, many parents find it preferable for their children to come home after a long day at school. For them, the after-school nanny is a perfect solution – someone who can do the school run, help with homework and cook dinner – without incurring the cost of employing a full-time nanny who would have little to do while her charges were at school, however this is often the hardest position to fill for nanny agencies.

Today’s nanny is embracing new skills. The survey also revealed that over 75% of parents want a nanny who can offer skills on top of traditional childcare. Most desirable were talents such as painting, arts and crafts and being fluent in another language.

Tracey Kneale from Nannytax said, “Not so long ago nannies were seen as exclusively for the rich, but our survey shows they are becoming an increasingly accessible childcare solution for more and more working families. It helps when the nannies are willing to change their working patterns to suit the needs of the modern household by working flexible and part-time hours or by offering nanny share arrangements, where the nanny looks after children from two or more families.”

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