Great War statistics

Infographic – Never forget those who gave their lives

Great War statisticsMillions of people died in the four years of the Great War, now known as World War I. They were all fighting to protect a way of life. Teenagers and men left their homes and their families to fight for a cause that many of them did not understand.

They followed orders, with many thousands of them being forced to run into open ground where they were cut to pieces by machine gun fire.

Thanks to these men, our way of life continued and got back to normal. We still live in a free country. Despite the machinations and paranoia of our governments, the western world retained many freedoms.

In honour of those who gave their lives so young, and so that we never repeat that terrible war, we remember them at this time of year.

Thanks, men. Our children can play, we can pray openly no matter what our religion, we can vote regardless of gender. Those millions of men paid the ultimate price for us. All they ask in return is that we never forget.

The Great War statistics - never forget

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