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Improving children’s literacy skills with Read&Write GOLD

Text HelpTexthelp Ltd. has been developing award-winning literacy support software for more than sixteen years, to support users with dyslexia (approximately 1 in 10 children having dyslexia, according to the BBC).

The company’s goal is “to enable children and adults with dyslexia and learning difficulties to learn to read, write, study and communicate with ease and independence”.

Texthelp’s flagship solution, Read&Write GOLD, is an easy-to-use, discreet toolbar which integrates with all mainstream computer programs, enabling your child to work independently. The software is proven to develop children’s quality of work, as well as building their literacy skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Read&Write GOLD supports dyslexic users in schools, colleges, universities, the workplace and at home throughout the UK and worldwide.

Customers who have used the product often provide feedback to Texthelp about how invaluable Read&Write GOLD is to them. Here are just a few of their comments: –

“Read&Write has enabled not just our dyslexic students, but those across the whole school to become more independent in both their reading and writing”.
Sue Bradley, Belgrave High School

“Read&Write GOLD is excellent software which helps me to be productive, accurate and actively the best that I can be”.
Remi Al-Ameen, Private User

“Read&Write GOLD dramatically increased the volume and quality of work that students could do as reading and writing were no longer a hindrance.  But the real success of Read&Write is the leap in confidence of our students.”
Mandy Thompson, Ulidia Integrated College

But what’s so special about Read&Write GOLD? The features provide support in a number of ways.

  • Text-to-Speech – Reads text aloud with the option to alter the voice and speed to suit your needs.
  • Picture & Word Dictionaries – Improve word recognition.
  • Speech Maker – Converts text to a sound file.
  • Spell Checker – offers support beyond Microsoft Word, by providing alternative spelling suggestions and sample sentences.

Special offer for parents
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