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Horrid Henry movieWhen your daughter is a big fan of the Horrid Henry books and you are offered the chance to interview the cast of the movie, there’s only one thing you can do. So it was that Ana Masters (9) got her chance to chat to Theo Stevenson (Horrid Henry), Ross Malon (Perfect Peter) and Scarlett Stitt (Moody Margaret).

The three young actors star in the Horrid Henry movie that has now been released on DVD in time for Christmas and, for Ross and Scarlett, it was their first time acting in a movie. Ana wanted to know how much school they missed, how they spent their money and how scary it was acting in a movie.

Here’s the transcript.

How much school did you miss making the film?
Ross: 20 days for me.
Scarlet: I missed 25.
Theo: Nearly three months I think.

Do you own HH books or DVDs?
Theo: I was a massive fan before I played the character, and I’ve read all the books. But not so much the TV show.

Have you got a favourite story?
Theo: My favourite was the Bogie Babysitter cos I got scared of her.
Ana: I like that one.

What was the scariest thing about making the movie?
Ross: Nothing was scary for me. I’m never scared of anything.
Scarlet: We had a couple of days where we had these massive crowd scenes. So we had to act in front of everyone. And I think that must have been a bit more nerve-wracking for Theo because he was actually singing – performing a song. Acting in front of big audiences was pretty nerve-wracking.

Did you have to act in front of lots of people in a town or something?
Scarlet: They hired lots of extras, so the crowds were all actors.

When the film came out, were you worried about what your friends might say about it?
Theo: I was a little bit, but wen I first watched the movie I did find it really different to what I thought it was going to be like. All for the best though.

Theo, do you think you would have made a good Harry Potter?
Theo: Oh, um, I don’t know. I’m going to try as hard as I can to get as much experience as I can and get my name out there. If I make another Horrid Henry movie, that’ll be great. The difference is quite obvious with Horrid Henry and Harry Potter – Horrid Henry never grows up. He’s a cartoon, so I don’t know if we could do another one.

But will there be a second movie?
Theo: I think we could if it’s done soon.
Scarlet: Yeah cos we’re all growing up really fast.

What food do you like?
Theo: I like battered sausages and curry sauce.
Ross: I like the full English breakfast, you know?
Scarlet: I like barbecue chicken. And shepherd’s pie.
Ross: Ooh shepherd’s pie… I like a bit of shepherd’s pie.

Do you eat your vegetables?
Scarlet: I’m a big fan of broccoli. I have a whole pot of broccoli to myself sometimes.

When you got paid, what was the first thing you went out to buy yourself?
Scarlet: Well my parents took all my money away and put it in a savings account.
Ross: That happened to me.
Scarlet: And they bought me Ugg boots for my Christmas present but that’s about it.

What did you want to buy with that money?
Scarlet: I guess I’d want to save it for when I’m older.

Will you be working up to Christmas?
Theo: I will be working for a bit, on a West End musical, workshopping Finding Neverland but I think after that I’m gonna take a break and just enjoy Christmas with my family.
Scarlet: The agency I work for are holding a play, so I’m going to do that for Christmas and then I might go and see my grandparents for a bit.
Ross: Well, you know what. Take it easy, just have a rest you know.

Theo, do you have a brother in real life?
Theo: I’ve got a twin sister.
Ross: I’ve got a sister too.
Theo: We both have twin sisters and sometimes that can be a bit annoying, but we do get along most of the time.
Ross: Well I don’t, we’re always arguing.

By Steve and Ana Masters.

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