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Enchanted – the movie stars talk

Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden star in Enchanted. Here, they answer some questions about the movie.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams stars as a beautiful maiden, about to marry the prince of her dreams, when she is suddenly banished from her idyllic magic kingdom, to the harsh reality of New York City.

Amy was born in Italy and grew up in Colorado as one of seven children and studied ballet throughout her childhood. She was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the 2005 film Junebug. She also appeared as Leo DiCaprio’s love interest in Catch Me If You Can.

Q: What was it like portraying a classic fairy tale princess?
Amy: “I loved Disney princesses growing up, my own favourite was Cinderella.  What I like about Giselle is that there is such a sense of possibility with her character.”

Q: What is the overall appeal of the film?
Amy: “I think it will appeal to everyone, it is such fun.  My hope for this film is that boys enjoy it as much as girls, for years to come. I hope children will grow up with this film as a classic, a standard and a marker of their youth, so to speak, in the same way that certain Disney films really affected my imagination and my sense of possibility, like Mary Poppins.”

Q: There’s a lot of singing in the film, was that a challenge?
Amy: “Julie Andrews was my princess, I thought of her as Disney royalty when I was a kid.  I love singing, but I was always more of a chorus singer, not a soloist by any means. I was a dancer by trade. I was thrilled that they (the producers) were happy with my voice.”

Q: Do you sing a lot at home?
Amy: “I sing all the time, I literally burst into song all the time throughout the day. I love karaoke actually. My most recent favourite, which I think is funny, is Thank You For The Music, by Abba.”

Q: What was it like working with Patrick?
Amy: “Well if you can’t have chemistry with McDreamy then I don’t know who you can have chemistry with. Working with him was wonderful, we really got along so well and he was such a good friend to me during the shoot, he was generous and energetic.”

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey is better known as Dr. Derek Shepherd in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy, otherwise known as Dr. McDreamy.

Q: Can you talk about the appeal of the film?
Patrick: “It’s three movies in one – a romantic comedy, with animation and a fantasy, there’s nothing like it.”

Q: What does your daughter think about the film?
Patrick: “She was there on the set and she loved it, she got to hang out with the ‘princess’ all day.  I think she really loved the animation and the chipmunk and the dancing and the musical numbers particularly. I have a doll, a Robert doll and she likes the dolls – my doll and Giselle’s. Actually when I saw the doll I thought, ‘I wish I looked that good’.”

Q: How enjoyable was it making the film?
Patrick: “I thought the film was a great idea and so unique, as soon as I read the script. But while I was making the movie, to be honest, I wasn’t really comfortable at all and it was very difficult to do. There are all these different styles going on at once and it was extremely challenging. There were times when I wanted to put the scrubs back on and go back to Grey’s Anatomy, because I kept worrying that I was too serious or not funny enough. I felt profoundly insecure throughout the entire course of the film. But then watching the finished film and seeing it in context, I see how it works.”

Q: What was it like working with Amy?
Patrick: “I adore her, she’s absolutely fabulous – I think she is a phenomenal actress and I would do every movie with her if I could. She is smart and sensitive – an old-fashioned movie star.”

Q: You don’t sing, are you sorry about that?
Patrick: “No. We were joking about the possibility and I suppose it would be fun, but I really can’t sing.”

Q: There is a wonderful uplifting musical scene in Central Park, what was that like to film?
Patrick: ‘It was unbelievable, I loved it. There were crowds in the park watching and we all felt that we were part of a very special movie moment, it was really magical. I had never experienced anything like it before.”

Q:  Are you still enjoying Grey’s Anatomy?
Patrick: “I am enjoying it a lot, I am grateful for the show, it changed my life. It has been unbelievable for my career.  Before I got the part, there was a period that was very difficult in my career. It was strange to go from that position, to success, almost overnight. Most of the first season making the show, we had no idea what would happen, whether it would last.”

Q: Is it true that you began your entertainment career as a juggler, when you were in your teens?
Patrick: “I was second in the International Jugglers’ competition in the junior division in 1982.”

Q: Have you had a fairy tale moment in your own life?
Patrick: “Every day now is a fairy tale, quite honestly, I am lucky to be sitting here, and it is great.  I have a wonderful family with my daughter and twin sons who are now nine months old. I want to continue making interesting, challenging movies that are non violent, I particularly love comedy. I think there is a real need for comedy in the world at the moment. Really, I just want to keep having a good career with interesting roles.”

James Marsden

James Marsden, playing Prince Edward, has starred in the X-Men movies and Hairspray.

Q: It must have been wonderful as a father of young children, making a Disney film?
James: “I did think it was a great opportunity to do a film my kids can see. My two year-old daughter is still too young for the film, but my six-year-old son has seen the movie and really liked it. He is now starting to enjoy seeing me on screen. Until now it was a strange concept for him. When small children watch a movie it is real to them. Even if you explain that it is pretend and a fake reality, to them it is reality. So my son thought to himself,  ‘Why is Dad on screen in puffy sleeves and tights, chasing a woman who is not mom?’ But he is getting old enough to understand that it is an illusion and of course we have explained all that to him.”

Q: Did you do your own stunt in the very amusing scene in which you get run over by a cyclist in New York?
James: “Yes I did and the good story about that scene is that it was the last shot of the movie for me. There was a mat for me to fall on and the idea was that the cyclist would bump me and I would fake a bad fall and it would be funny. I said, ‘Can we just do one take where you really knock me hard so that it is convincing, so I can really react naturally?’ So he really hit me hard, he actually grabbed me and yanked me on his way down and my voice squeaked.  I love that scene. There is a perfect picture of a romantic prince and then we just squash it; that is what the movie really does, it juxtaposes that fantasy fairy tale world with the faster-paced, more cynical and dirty New York.”

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