Brits shy of letting it all hang out

87% of Brits are nervous about going abroad and revealing their moobs, love handles and pale and pasty bodies; making ¼ of Brits avoid the embarrassment of a holiday altogether and 57% cover their bodies in one-pieces, kaftans and t-shirts on the beach.

A study from the UK’s fastest growing independent online travel agent has found that 87% of Brits are nervous about revealing their beach bods on holiday this year and more than 55% will make sure they cover up at all times.

The study of 1,667 Brits from found that a further 24% will avoid going abroad this year in order to prevent the embarrassment of revealing their moobs*, love handles, cellulite and stretch marks on the beach. In addition, the idea of uncovering their pale and pasty body is enough to make 36% of respondents nervous about their first few days abroad.

Research from can reveal that even though the majority (87%) of Brits are anxious about wearing a cossie on holiday, only 19% will dedicate any time to dieting or exercising before they go away.

This affects the North West the most, with more people from this region (38%) admitting they will not be going on a beach holiday this year in fear of revealing their wobbly bits and 58% admit that if they do go abroad, they will keep covered up at all times.

The Welsh on the other hand are the least bothered about their appearance on holiday, with 66% admitting they are unhappy with their weight but only 14% claim this will affect their holiday in any way. In addition, only 9% of Welsh respondents will try to get into shape for their holiday.

Chris Brown, Managing Director of said;

“As a nation we’re constantly given this image of what we should look like and therefore it’s no surprise that so many people are worried about revealing all on holiday. In reality though, everyone’s on holiday for the same reason; to relax, laze on the beach and forget about any stresses from home. Besides, according to these results we’re all in the same boat!”

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