10 retro sweets you should try again

How many sweets can you remember from your childhood? Did you buy half-penny chews or a quarter or aniseed balls? Were you a rhubarb and custard fan or did you prefer Black Jacks? Here’s a list of sweet retro delights to bring back memories. All of these are still available.

1. Pineapple chunks

Pineapple chunks

A Quarter Of… says of this retro favourite, “For too long the Pineapple Chunk has been the poor relation of the Kola Kube… I mean, why can Kola Kubes have the added treat of a delicious chewy centre and Pineapple Chunks are deprived of such chewy centredness?

We believe that some of the true classics of the retro boiled sweet world have been neglected for too long… and so we have created our own versions of sweets like Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberries and Cream, Kola Kubes and, of course, Pineapple Chunks… all to our own very exacting, and extremely tasty, specification.”

2. Black Jacks

Black Jacks retro sweets

Keep It Sweet says, “Remember when you could buy two of these for a penny? This classic anniseed chew, from sweet maker Barratt, still tastes the same as it did way back then. And sucking a Black Jack still turns your tongue black too! 24 sweets per 110g portion approx. If you like Black Jacks then check out our bulk Black Jacks box which contains 400 of them.”

3. Barley Sugar

Barley Sugar sweets

The Oldest Sweet Shop says, “Barley sugar is a very old fashioned sweet. The boiled sweet was made with barley water many centuries ago hence the name. Popular with climbers, scramblers and ramblers to provide a quick source of energy during activities.”

4. Pear Drops

Pear Drops

A Quarter Of… says, “Pear Drops are totally ace, and the wonderful pear scent takes me right back to my daily bounce on my trusty (and slightly faded) Space Hoppa… aah, those were the days! For those of you who`ve never tasted a Pear Drop, they`re orangey pink and yellow boiled sweets with a wonderful flavour of pears. Totally delicious!”

5. Candy Necklace

Candy Necklace

Heavenly Sweets says, “They’re still as cool as they used to be.” Wear them, eat them. Simple as that.

6. Tooty Frootie

Tooty Frootie

Keep It Sweet says, “The original childhood favourite. Tooty Frooties are amazingly fruity flavoured chewy pieces that make your mouth water. Perfect for sharing at the beach with friends or to top off your ice-cream on a girly sleepover; whatever you decide to do with these delciously tasty treats they’ll be sure to make your tastebuds tingle with delight!”

7. Fruit Salad chews

Fruit Salad chewy sweets

A Quarter Of says, “Fruit Salad – Aaaah, that unmistakable raspberry and pineapple flavour – so many memories enveloped in that yellow and pink wrapper (even though the design we all remember was recently changed – why oh why do they keep meddling with the sweets of our childhoods?).”

8. Sherbet Fountain

Sherbet Fountain

Keep It Sweet says, “Real classic from the tuckshop – tasty liquorice and super fine sherbet. Truly scrumptious! The liquorice tastes absolutely rich and fruity and the sherbet adds a needed tang! Perfect for keeping the kids quiet on a long journey in the car or when the in-laws arrive, they taste so delicious its pretty good as a treat just for you after work too! Dee-lish!”

9. Sherbet Pips

Sherbet Pips

Heavenly Sweets says, “Like our Cola Pips, they are one of the smallest boiled sweet in the world! Quite hard (if you need to chew them cos you cant wait), but surprisingly sherbetty. Not hardboiled but a lighter, more airy, sherbetty texture.”

10. Chewits


Keep It Sweet says, “Tasty strawberry chew. These have such a strong strawberry taste that you may evern like them better than strawberries themselves! They just have such an amazing fruity taste, but we think if there was a word to describe how marvellous the taste was it might be absolutlyelectrifyinglystrawberrylicous!”

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