Hannah Manry unicorn video

10 hilarious videos of people under anaesthetic

Hannah Manry unicorn video

So your child is coming out of anaesthetic after having their wisdom teeth removed, or some other operation. Do you sit there and wait for them to come round and then help them up? Or do you get out your phone and record their hilarious ramblings for all of us to see on YouTube?

Hannah Manry

Here’s Hannah Manry, who sang about unicorns and rapped a song about JC in the house.


Julie and the Deathly Surgeon

Cameron Garcia filmed his wife after she came round – she couldn’t believe the operation had already happened.

Shelby Gentleman

Shelby asks her mum if she has a boyfriend and then claims she must be adopted.


A funny girl comes out of anaesthesia full of chatter as her dad chuckles away.

“I feel dizzeeeeeeee”

This lad seems to be amusing himself but he doesn’t know why. “Hey, what’s the big orange thing on my arm, man? It’s heavy, you know?”


David after dentist

David wants to know if this is real life.

Spencer after surgery

Spencer’s mum and dad laugh while their oblivious son comes round.

How can you not love this lad?

Non-stop chatter, giving his parents a full account of what’s been going on.

It’s been emotional

This young lad is confused, but a source of entertainment for his mum.


Let’s not forget the cats

This classic video of cats after an operation at the vet is always worth a watch.

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