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If you would like to contribute an article to Parentally Challenged, please get in touch. We’re looking for articles that are

  • editorially valid,
  • well-written,
  • informative, entertaining or educational.

As a contributor to Parentally Challenged, we ask you to agree to the following rules.

  • You will appear as the author of the article, which will allow you to link to your personal website or social media channels from the article.
  • All articles will be evergreen (no time-limited news announcements). Think about how-to guides, useful lists, recipes, or educational articles about parenting, lifestyle or health.
  • All articles must reference multiple sources for additional information (no single brand, single link articles).
  • The editor reserves the right to edit all content before it is published. Once submitted, this permission is granted.
  • You must make sure you hold the copyright or the rights to publish the content. Copyright ownership of your article will remain with you as the author.
  • Any images you supply must be supplied with details of who owns the rights to the image, and assurance that we have usage rights.
  • You agree to promote the article on your own social channels.

Why we do not charge for guest contributions

We want journalistic articles from editorial contributors, not sponsored content. All brand mentions and links within content must be editorially valid. We will neither charge you for placement of your article nor pay you for it.

We may edit links in articles if we feel these devalue the site, but we will retain links in articles as long as they are valid. If we discover or suspect that you are being paid to place links on our site, we reserve the right to remove those links or the complete article(s).

How to submit an article to Parentally Challenged

Use the form below to submit your article idea, along with some examples of other articles you have written. We will not respond to all submissions.


  • Word count: Word count is not important, but we want to publish features with depth and detail.
  • Structure: Well-formatted articles with sub-sections, lists, pull-out quotes and other features are good. 1,000-word articles that read like an essay are not so good.
  • Angle: Have an angle and an interesting headline that has not been written many times previously.

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