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Supernanny Jo FrostJo Frost has extensive experience of being a nanny in England, the Caribbean and the USA. She is well known as Supernanny on the Channel 4 series of the same name, and her technique works because she builds a relationship with the parents as much as with the child(ren).

Jo started B4UGo-Ga-Ga as a service for parents, because she believes bridging the gap between parent and child educates each member of the family in a hands-on fashion. She teaches parents to resolve situations and challenges objectively. All the natural feelings of anxiety and guilt that some parents may experience are addressed, whilst keeping their heartfelt emotions intact. Jo’s aim is to bring balance and harmony into home life, however the parent may first perceive the problem.

TV viewers see Jo working miracles on unruly children, by dispensing tough love, no-nonsense rules and reassuring us that parents do know best. The Supernanny method gives parents the know-how to tackle any problem area, be it mealtime, bathtime, bedtime, bedwetting, homework, sibling rivalry, aggressive behaviour or a child who just won’t do what he or she is told.

Employing time-outs and the famous Supernanny naughty step, Jo shows parents how to take back control of the home, and helps them realise that children really do need to have rules to follow and to be guided by the parents.

Jo was chosen to play the role of TV’s Supernanny over hundreds of other cadidates. Producer Nick Powell was struck with her no nonsense approach and her candid nature. Initially screening over three episodes on Channel 4 in 2004, the series was an overnight success.

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