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Gina FordGina Ford is a former maternity nurse who became a celebrated writer in 1999 with her book The Contented Little Baby Book – advocating a rigid daily routine for baby and parents.

Ford’s methods have been criticised by many parents, with some saying that because she has no children of her own, she doesn’t have real mothering experience. Ford counters that she has a very wide experience, having cared for more than 300 babies in her nursing career.

“Babies come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments and I think I can safely say I’ve seen them all – and there isn’t one who, in my experience, hasn’t benefited from following my routine,” she says. “What I offer is real and practical advice on how to establish a good feeding and sleeping pattern from day one, so that you avoid months of sleepless nights, colic, excessive crying, feeding difficulties and many other problems that we are so often told are a normal part of parenting.”

On her website, Gina says her philosophy is simple: “It’s common sense. It’s based on several premises: first and most important the welfare of your precious baby. Then, your own health and peace of mind as parents – it’s no exaggeration to say that broken nights can turn the sanest of human beings into complete wrecks.  And finally, the happy life of the family which is always better when there is a contented little baby whose schedule integrates well into that of everyone in the family.”

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