Sad boy - child feeling loss

Explaining loss to a child

Explaining loss to a child can be challenging, especially for the first time. Below are some tips to help you broach the subject with children of varying ages. Under 5s Young children in this bracket have limited ability to express their feelings. This is an age in which children begin to understand their surroundings and learn more about the world. Expect tantrums as these children may be unable to express…

Josh - the door man

How this young man beat bullying is amazing

Josh decided the best way to overcome bullying was to make his mark. He did something very simple – persistently. What he did had a profound impact on everyone around him, and it turned his world from one of despair to one of inspiration, respect and happiness.


50 shades of Greggs – an infographic

Let’s not beat about the bush. What can be more of a turn on than tasty food – and the Greggs menu has plenty to get you salivating. So, just for fun really, here’s our 50 Shades of Greggs infographic – featuring 50 items from the Greggs menu.

Pound coins

Teaching children the value of money

How did you learn about the value of money? Was it purely from following your parents’ example, did you learn about it at school or were you influenced by friends? With the introduction of financial education on the school curriculum, the benefits of teaching children about money from a young age has been brought to the fore.